We can only service fireplaces installed and purchased from Puget Sound Fireplace.
In order to take care of our customers service and warranty needs in a timely manner, it is not possible to take on additional service for fireplaces not purchased from Puget Sound Fireplace.


  1. The first thing you will want to do before using your fireplace is to read the manual to learn about proper operation of the appliance. If your builder has not already provided you with a manual, then it is probably located inside the lower front access panel inside your fireplace.
  2. Your fireplace comes with a one year warranty from the date that you take possession of your new home. If you feel after reading your manual that you have a warranty issue with your fireplace then that will need to be called into Puget Sound Fireplace. To call in a warranty issue, simply call Puget Sound Fireplace at 253-472-4995. Some information you will need to know before you call for service is, your move in date, your fireplace model number, the nature of your concern, and what form of access into the house that you will provide.

When scheduling service:

  1. If the service tech arrives to perform service at the agreed upon time and the service tech is unable to perform service because he/she cannot obtain access to the home, then the customer will be charged a “Dry Run” charge of $75.00 before we return for a second time.
  2. If a customer calls in a service call and the call turns out to not be covered under warranty, then the customer will be charged for any service preformed including a trip charge.
  3. Your fireplace manufacturer recommends preventative maintenance service of your gas fireplace. Puget Sound fireplace can perform this service for you, please call us at 253-472-4995 for pricing and available time slots. This service includes glass cleaning, electrical systems diagnosis, complete functions check, replacement of glowing embers, inspect and detail of interior, cleaning of trim, and sometimes a little touch-up on the paint. This service is not required, only recommended, and can be performed by any certified technician.
  4. During the first few hours of operation of your new gas fireplace it is not unusual to smell the metal preservative burning off of your fireplace. All manufacturers have metal protectors on their fireplaces to prevent rust. This is a normal smell and will go away after a few hours of use.
  5. Depending on how often you use your fireplace, after time you will notice a white film forming on the inside of your glass. This is caused from the moister in the Natural gas (NAT) or liquid petroleum (LP) fuel used in your fireplace. Moisture contains minerals and those minerals over time find their way to your glass front causing the white film. This is a normal occurrence and can be corrected by removing the glass front and cleaning it with glass cleaner. Glass cleaner may not remove the film if it has excessive build-up from waiting too long before cleaning. If you experience this problem, a special glass cleaner can be purchased from Puget Sound Fireplace that will remove excess build-up, but with regular cleaning, that probably won’t be necessary.

If you have additional questions about your gas fireplace:

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